Slovenia is a green and diverse country of only about 20 273 km², cradled between the Alps, the Mediterranean Sea and the Panonian Plain. Its outstanding geographical location and modern communication routes make it easy to reach.

Distances and time to a few major cities:

  • 250 km from Budapest
  • 199 km from Salzburg
  • 105 km from Zagreb
  • 213 km from Vienna
  • 167 km from Venice
  • 2h15 from London

Slovenia’s attractions range from astounding natural beauty to idyllic villages and ancient towns to amusement parks in modern cities. The country has a rich cultural heritage, reflected in its equally diverse culinary tradition and outstanding wines. Nature lovers will delight in the snow-capped Alpine peaks, widespread woods, mountain lakes, deep valleys, the deep-blue sea, thermal springs, and the dark, silent underground caves on the Kras Plateau.

Each region is unique, with its own climate, dialect, architecture – and culinary specialities. And, of course, interesting and friendly people, who will make your visit to Slovenia an unforgettable experience.

Click on the map below for a large-scale image, showing the various areas of Slovenia and also detailing the attractions and activities.