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Slovenian cities leave no doubt about historic influence played by Austrian and Italian architecture: Ljubljana is not unlike Prague and Piran could be easily mistaken for a small Italian town. While cities are far from boring, the real Slovenian must-see is its diverse and unspoiled nature.

  • Visit the alpine resort of Bled and its romantic lake with an island, but continue towards Srednja vas to see some traditional villages, or hitch a ride to Pokljuka mountain, a good starting point for hikes into Julian alps.
  • Enjoy the 5.3 km ride through Postojna caves, the longest publicly accessible depth of any cave system in the world, with massive stalactites and stalagmites.
  • After visiting the lively coastal town of Piran, a trip to the serene salt works of nearby Sečovlje will feel like stepping out of this world.
  • Soča river is said to be one of the few rivers in the world to retain their emerald green color throughout its length. The Trenta valley, through which it flows before crossing to Italy, is also well worth seeing.
  • Slovenian pint-size baroque capital Ljubljana is nice in any season but especially popular in December due to its abundant but tasteful decoration.
  • Visit in Ljubljana the “National Museum of Slovenia- Presernova (Muzejska ulica 1). The National Museum of Slovenia is the oldest and the largest Slovene museum. It was founded in 1821. Existent museum building on the Museum street, was built in 1888 and was the first, building, assigned solely to culture in Slovenia. Today its stores a rich collections of valuable objects. The oldest spring back to the Stone Age, but there are also the newer ones, which are still used in our everyday life. Important columns of museum activity are also rich museum library and unit for preservation and restoring.

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There are many great opportunities for activity holidays in Slovenia: The mountains and rivers of the Julian Alps provide the perfect location for hiking, mountain biking, rafting and kayaking. The southern part of Slovenia is an area of numerous caves. You can enjoy different spa resorts in the eastern part, take a dive in the Adriatic Sea, experience the Slovene cities, go skiing, or enjoy in the countryside tasting Slovene cuisine and local wine.

  • Adrenaline adventures in the Posočje area, you can stay in Ljubljana and, in a short distance away, discover the amazing North-Western area of Slovenia called Posočje and Triglav National Park -- canyoning, rafting, para-gliding and much more! *While Slovenia is a small country, you can discover it in a few days. Therefore you can visit the capital (Ljubljana), Alps, Karst region, alpine lakes and much more.
  • There are more than 8,000 known caves in Slovenia, including the tourist area of Postojna and the UNESCO listed Škocjan Caves.
  • Take advantage of beautiful nature in the Alps and go hiking, cross-country skiing or nordic walking.
  • Visit of one many spa resorts in Slovenia.
  • Visit Slovene seaside and swim in the Adriatic Sea. Try local sea food and visit the towns of Piran and Portorož.
  • Visit one of the golf courses in Slovenia.
  • Skiing in the Julian Alps is popular in the winter. More popular ski resorts are: Krvavec, Vogel, Rogla, Cerkno, Kanin, and Mariborsko Pohorje.

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Fifty Most Popular Attractions

Slovenia has an amazing wealth of attractions and features. The choice is so wide that it is sometimes hard to decide what to visit. The Slovenian Tourist Board has narrowed the choices down to the 50 most popular tourist attractions in Slovenia. Many of them are the kind that you truly have to visit to get a real feel for Slovenia, ranging from castles to nature parks to museums and karstic caves.

Karstic caves

Postojna Cave
Škocjan Caves
Pekel Cave, Šempeter v Savinjski dolini
Cave under Predjama Castle
Križna Cave, Bloška polica
Županova (Taborska Cave), Grosuplje
Pivka and Crna Caves, Postojna

Natural features

Savica Waterfall, Bohinj
Blejski Vintgar Gorge
Tolminska korita channels

Nature parks

Triglav National Park
Secovlje Saltpans Park, Seca

Flora and fauna

Ljubljana Zoo
Lipica Stud Farm
Florina – Maribor City Aquarium and Terrarium
Piran Aquarium
Mozirski gaj – floral park, Mozirje
Volcji Potok Arboretum
The old Vine, oldest vine in the world , Maribor


Museum at Bled castle
Virtual Museum and Viewing Tower at Ljubljana Castle
Predjama Castle
Old Castle, Celje
Bogenšperk Castle, Litija

Museums and galleries

Loški Museum Škofja Loka
Regional Museum Ptuj
Kobarid Museum
Technical Museum of Slovenia, Bistra
National Museum of Slovenia, Ljubljana
Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia, Velenje
Open-Air Museum Rogatec
Natural Science Museum of Slovenije, Ljubljana
Bela Krajina Museum Metlika
Božidar Jakac Gallery, Kostanjevica na Krki
Trentarski Museum, Bovec
Tolmin Museum
Beekeeping Museum Radovljica
Posavski Museum Brežice
Blacksmith Museum Kropa
Regional Museum Celje
Goriški Museum, Kromberk Castle
Memorial Museum of Hostages in Begunje
Ironworking Collection (Ruard Manor), Stara Sava
Slovenian Alpine Museum, Mojstrana
Exhibition and Sale of Pottery, Ljutomer
Franja Partisan Hospital, Cerkno
Kranj City Hall
UndergroundUnderneath Mt. Peca – Visitor Mine and Museum
Idrija Mercury Mine - Antonijev rov


Trubar Home, Rašica
Prešeren's Birth House, Vrba
Birth House of writer Fran Saleški Finžgar, Doslovce
Birth House of Matija Cop, Žirovnica
Birth House of Ivan Cankar, Vrhnika


Žice Charterhouse
Sticna Monastery
Pleterje Charterhouse
Old Pharmacy and Minorite Monastery of Olimje


Romanesque Church of the Holy Trinity, Hrastovlje

Archaeological sites

Roman Necropolis, Šempeter in the Savinja Valley

Source: Slovenia Tourist Board